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06.04.2012: Hoyer 5060 Les Paul (Thick Body) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

06.04.2012: Ibanez Performer PF300 BK added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

18.05.2012:  Klira Magic Sound added in the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

21.05.2012: New Option "Show us your guitar"  / Upload a picture of your guitar.

01.07.2012:  80er Aria LS-700 BS added as a Gallery

10.10.2012:  Aria LC-800 added to the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

10.10.2012:  Kramer XKG added to the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

10.10.2012:  Aria LS-700 added to  the  Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

14.03.2013:  Aria PE-Deluxe KV added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

15.03.2013: Kawai KS12 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

16.03.2013:  Kramer 650G added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars" and as a Gallery

30.04.2013: El Maya EM-1300 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.05.2013 El Maya EM-1300 added as a Gallery

08.08.2013 Aria MK-1300 added to the Gallery "Vintage Guitars"

08.08.2013 The Kasuga SC-900 added to the Gallery "Vintage Guitars"

08.08.2013 Aria MK-1300 added as a Gallery

31.10.2013 Riverhead 5827 (Headway) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

26.01.2014 Westone Prestige 150 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

20.04.2014 Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

21.04.2014 Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott) added as a Gallery

21.04.2014 Link about the Matsumoku History with great pics

25.01.2015 Westone Prestige 227 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

05.11.2015 Westbury Standard added the the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

05.12.2015: Aria Urchin 100 (U100) added as a Gallery

06.02.2016: Videos - Guitars in Action added

08.02.2016: Kasuga SC-900 (The Kasuga Scorpion) added as a Gallery

20.03.2016 Video Aria Cardinal added

26.03.2016 Video Kasuga SC-900 added

26.03.2016 Video Aria PE-1000GC (Gerry Cott Signature) added

26.03.2016. Video Aria Urchin 100 (U100) added

26.03.2016 Video Washburn Eagle added

26.03.2016 Video Kramer 650G added

20.11.2016 Video Vantage VA-800 added

29.01.2017 Videos of the youtube-channel linked in alphabetic order to the site

09.03.2017 Video Kawai KS-11 added

10.03.2017 Kawai KS-11 added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

10.03.2017 Westone Thunder II-A added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.03.2017 Yasuki (Matsumoku) added to the Gallery "Vintage-Guitars"

25.03.2017 Yasuki (Matsumoku) added as a Gallery

28.05.2017 Video Washburn A20 Stage Series (Yamaki) added

10.01.2018 Video Aria pro II EX-750 added

04.02.2018 Video Washburn Falcon added

17.02.2018 Video Westone Thunder II-A added

31.03.2018 Video Torchy (Bell, Memphis etc.) added

11.08.2018 Video Aria Pro II PE-80 added


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